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Steam Infusion

Filmatic Packaging Systems offers professional engineering services with regard to turnkey liquid packaging systems.

Air knife

An inline blowing system, fitted over the bottle conveyor, is used to dry the bottles when they exit the filler.

A centrifugal fan draws in air through a HEPA Filter and blows it to two channels, one fitted on each side of the conveyor and adjusted at an angle to cover the full length of the bottle as it moves past the channel.

The system can be operated as a stand-alone system with its own ON / OFF controls or integrated as part of the filler control where starting and stopping the system will be controlled by the filler PLC.

  • The blower is designed to operate up to 2 000m above sea level
  • The blower is designed to remove moisture at 12 – 18 deg. C from the sides of up to a 1 000ml plastic bottle.
  • The bottles will have a maximum height of 250mm and a maximum diameter of 84.5mm.
  • The bottles will be travelling in a single file on a moving conveyor at a maximum production speed of no more than 10 800 bottles per hour.
  • The air knives must be adjusted to remain within 10mm of the bottles at all times.
  • The blower is enclosed for moisture control and noise reduction
  • The blower is required when sleeving to ensure smooth and accurate application of the sleeve to the container body


  • High precision ceramic angular contact ball bearings
  • 75% savings in electrical cost over compressed air
  • Larger belt tensioner for lower RPM’s
  • Dynamically balanced impellor, bearing carrier and pulley system
  • Dual bearings in belt tensioner for longer life
  • Stainless steel blower pulley
  • 16 groove Micro-V belt drive
  • Fully rotatable blower head cover
  • Removable bearing cartridge significantly reduces likelihood of replacing complete head in event of failure (unlike other blowers).
  • Field serviceable, heads are serviceable in South Africa by FPM


Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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