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Filmatic Packaging Systems, a supplier of turnkey bottling equipment for the last 39 years, recently hosted a visual and practical customer open day at their manufacturing premises in Paarl.


The open day saw a detailed presentation about the history and establishment of Filmatic as well as their current product and service offering by Managing Director, Riaan Van Zyl. This was followed-up by a hands-on product demonstration and viewing of their newly manufactured Nett-Weigh Filler, Rotary Piston Filler and Index Filler machines. This practical and physical machine display allowed customers to get up close and personal with their products and with sales and technical staff present, gave them the opportunity to interact with other customers and answer any questions they may have had. This was also a great opportunity for customers to interact with each other to share the wisdom of their trade with each other and experiences with our machines.


The event platform hosted at their manufacturing facility, put Filmatic in a unique situation where a large display of machines were arranged for display and interaction purposes. Some of the machines on display included the Rotary Piston, Rotary Nett-weigh and Rotary Index level filling machines. “The highlight of the day was seeing the power of face-to-face customer interaction and interacting with our long-standing as well as new clients. We can proudly say that the day was a huge success – delighting our customers,” adds Van Zyl.


Although the typical Western Cape spring weather announced its attendance with four seasons that were experienced in one day, the customers in attendance got to end off with a delicious lunch and refreshments. This was a truly memorable day for both Filmatic and their customers that will be repeated in years to come.