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Bottle Feed

Filmatic Packaging Systems offers professional engineering services with regard to turnkey liquid packaging systems.

Bottle silo

Can be fitted with wheels for ease of placement.

Placed behind the infeed conveyoring system for ease of use.

Manufactured entirely out of 304 grade stainless steel.

Large bottle hopper

Manual de-bagger

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel and non-ferrous metals​

The operator loads the bag of containers onto the bottle table.

The debagged bottles are now pushed forward manually using the pusher bar. As the bottles move forward, they enter the conveyor system and are being fed automatically into the line.

Semi-automatic de-bagger

The operator loads the bag of containers onto the slat chain feeding area, cut the one side of the bag, and pulls the bag from the opposite side through the retaining rails. The containers are smoothly fed onto the conveyor system at the required speed, controlled by a line sensor.

Depending on the bottle dimensions, bag configuration, and required speed, the feeding mechanism can be with a horizontal transfer conveyor system or a vertical sweeping belt.

The machine speed is electronically variable and is controlled from the operating panel through the PLC.

Round bottle de-bagger

The rotary bottle de-bagger can be configured to integrate at 0˚, 90˚ and 180˚ angles to the infeed line.

The bag containing the bottles are placed on the flat table and the plastic bag are cut and removed. 

The debagged bottles are now pushed forward manually using an HDPE pusher bar that fits between the guide rails. As the bottles move forward, they enter the rotating disc that also acts as an accumulation table.

A static deflector plate assists in ensuring that the bottles do not accumulate in the centre of the rotating disc. A second static, but flexible deflector plates ensure that the bottles enters between the infeed conveyor guides and the change part.

The flexible design allows for excess bottles to be directed back onto the rotating disc

Automatic linear bottle unscrambler

The unscrambler can handle a large range of bottle sizes and types.

The machine is fully automatic and is designed with a large bottle hopper and elevator.

An adjustment mechanism allows for fast changeovers between different bottle types by simply performing a minor adjustment, without the need to replace any parts on the machine.

Operating principle is extremely simple.

The bottles are transferred from the large bottle hopper onto a rotating disc where the bottles are orientated for base- or neck leading transfer to the unscrambler.

Miss-aligned bottles are simply diverted back to the rotating disc by the infeed bumper and the aligned bottles are transferred to the infeed belt.

On the infeed belt, a hooking mechanism orientates the neck leading bottles to base leading orientation, whereas the base leading bottles simply push through under the hooking mechanism.

A series of side transfer belts lift the bottles into an upright position, ready for discharge from the machine. The discharge conveyor can feed bottles for base- or neck handling, i.e. to airveyor.

The discharge conveyor speed is synchronised with the unscrambler speed and the unscrambler speed is controlled entirely by the downstream demand for bottles.

The bottles are handled very gently, with no damage to the bottle surfaces.

Line Control Sensors on the discharge conveyor ensure that the downstream machines are continually supplied with bottles.


Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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