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Rinsing Equipment

Filmatic Packaging Systems offers professional engineering services with regard to turnkey liquid packaging systems.

Inverter bottle rinser

Bottles are fed through the inverter bottle rinser by means of the bottle conveyor.

Depending on the size and construction of the bottle, a wraparound belt may be required to assist with the feeding of the bottles through the inverter bottle rinser. The bottles are inverted (turned upside down), a stream of sanitizer is sprayed into the bottle, the sanitizer is allowed to run out of the bottle and the bottle is then inverted again to its original position, cleaned and ready to be filled.

Linear bottle rinser

Filmatic’s new inline Inverter Rinser can be installed in any existing packaging line, reaching speeds of up to 300 BPM (Bottles per Minute). The inverter functionality automatically inverts the bottle to enable rinsing, i.e. the bottle enters on its base, are inverted and then turned back onto its base for transfer to the filling machine.

There are no change parts involved, as the belt driving the bottles through the rinser caters for various lengths of bottles and an adjustment handle easily adjusts the width of the belt for different bottle diameters. As a result, changeover times are very quick.

The rinsing system can connect to any water supply or water sterilizing unit which makes integration into the existing water processing lines possible. Underneath the rinsing nozzles, a water collection tray, i.e. drip tray, enables the water to be recycled which also results in a big cost saving on running expenses.

The machine was designed as a low cost machine, not only saving on acquisition costs, but also saving on running costs. The machine is fully enclosed with safety guards and safety sensors complying with international safety standards.

Line control sensors are an added safety feature to prevent any blockages inside the machine, i.e. the machine will stop automatically during a back-up on the discharge line.

The low acquisition cost and low running cost of the machine makes it suitable for integration into any start-up business or larger established businesses.

Automatic rotary bottle rinser

Rotary type and rinse the containers on a monoblock base, manufactured from stainless steel and non-ferrous metals and custom-built and tested at our plant to suit your requirements. Containers are fed into the rinsing section by means of an infeed worm, containers are gripped by the neck by double opening pincers and rotate around their own axes. Fixed spray nozzles rinse the inside of the containers with a sanitizing fluid, allow for draining, where after the containers are rotated back to the original position.

A no-bottle, no-rinse function control the fluid application.

The ratio between rinsing and draining cycle can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements


Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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