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Reflections on service excellence as we celebrate our 40th

Ethics, integrity, respect, professionalism and excellence. These are the core values we continue to uphold in our product range, through our staff contingent and in our vision at Filmatic, Paarl, as we celebrate our 40th year of trading. Read on for our BUSINESS...

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Judging by the cover

The hottest trend in manufacturing these days is that a packaging solution should work not only for the product it will be housing, but also for the customer who will be using it. Consumers are increasingly well informed, and thus the demand for recyclable packaging...

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39 Years of delighting our customers

Filmatic Packaging Systems, a supplier of turnkey bottling equipment for the last 39 years, recently hosted a visual and practical customer open day at their manufacturing premises in Paarl.   The open day saw a detailed presentation about the history and...

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E-Range Rotary Level Filler

Designed to fill water, juice, milk, cordial and other free flowing products. Our newly designed E-range rotary level filler with the same production functionality as the fully automated rotary level fillers, only at a lower initial and running cost in the long term....

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Not long ago, we faced the unimaginable, day zero!

Apart from the recent rains that fell over South Africa, it is easy to forget that it was not long ago that we faced the unimaginable, day zero, in Cape Town.vWith unevenly distributed water and more and more drought-stricken areas, water is becoming a very scarce...

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The first choice of wine is often made with the eyes…

The wine sector is characterized by a continuous search for something that makes the product as attractive as possible. The first choice of wine is often made with the eyes...   The versatility of the labellers and the changeover time have become increasingly...

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Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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