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Filmatic has a dedicated after-sales team that provides 24/7 breakdown support for all equipment.

Support Services

 Technical designs, engineering and assembly

Filmatic is South Africa’s top packaging system and filling machine company due to a worldwide comprehensive service performed by highly skilled technicians.

With in-house design equipment, a design team of 14 engineers, 42+ years of experience in the liquid filling and packaging industry, a 24 hour maintenance team and agency equipment sourced worldwide, no South African company can match Filmatic’s services and capabilities.

During the design and proposal stage our experts use their first hand experience to examine the circumstances and customize the equipment to suite the clients particular needs. We create assembly plans and determine material requirements and keep the client up to date with each phase of the project

Customer Support

Customer support is key to the successful operation of any equipment. Filmatic provides this most important service in a few ways.

Spare Parts – Filmatic provides spare parts for all equipment supplied. Manufactured parts can be supplied for all equipment manufactured since the establishment of the company. Delivery times are as short as possible to minimise downtime.

Breakdown Support (Nationally) – Filmatic has a dedicated after-sales team that provides 24/7 breakdown support for all equipment. Dedicated personnel in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng ensure that equipment can be repaired without delay.

Rebuilds and Conversions – Filmatic provides a professional rebuild, upgrade and conversion service.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) – Regular audits on equipment and periodic services can be provided based on a service level agreement. These agreements are tailored to suit every client’s requirements.


The final count down. After extensive machine acceptance testing at our plant to ensure that the equipment conforms to specifications, a team of expert mechanical, electrical and programming engineers commissions the equipment at the client’s plant.

These engineers co-ordinate the filling line conditions with the plant production manager. Together they check and optimize each individual parameter necessary for production guaranteeing harmonic interaction within the entire line.

Client Training

To ensure that equipment is used optimally another important facet is wide-range operator and technician training. Our machines are designed to be user friendly and operation is pure push button pleasure. Filmatic is an accredited training facility and local customers can re-claim training expenses from the government.

We have various training options available, from basic commissioning training to in depth classroom training and refresher courses to cater for personnel turnovers during the life cycle of the equipment.

We have established ourselves as leaders when it comes to training on packaging equipment provided by Filmatic. Our classroom training packages are machine specific and include classroom and practical training conducted at the clients premises for all machine operators and technicians.

Our approach is very simple. Train the clients personnel to operate and maintain the equipment in peak condition to benefit the client. Simple as that. Our training is structured so that even first time operators can easily grasp and understand the equipment.

Our training packages are now also included in the service level agreements (SLA’s) that are currently being negotiated with various clients. Just another innovation how we aim to enhance your experience with Filmatic and our equipment.

Contact our sales department to find out how you can benefit from our training solution.


Filmatic has a rich history of 43 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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