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Filmatic Packaging Systems offers professional engineering services with regard to turnkey liquid packaging systems.

Shrink wrapping

This machine is used for packing beverages such as beer, mineral water, cans and glass bottles packed in trays, cartons or without trays or cartons.

The machine can be installed in any production line and with its auto feeding, film wrapping, sealing, cutting and cooling, once started; it does not require an operator.

Film feeding is controlled by sensors which prevents the waste of film. An OMRON digital temperature controller ensures even and constant heat distribution during shrinking.

The machine and conveyor speeds are synchronised by means of a frequency inverter and all the functions of the machine are PLC controlled. The advanced sealing cutter results in a perfect sealing line and prevents the film from sticking to the cutter. The infeed conveyor can be fitted for left- or right entry into the machine.

Double blowers in the shrinking tunnel ensure an even distribution of hot air for shrinking the film, making it more effective. The hot air guide flow frame inside the tunnel is adjustable, making heat distribution more effective and thus saving energy. The cooling system incorporates large blowers to ensure quick cooling down time and forming after shrinking.

The modular design of the machine allows for fitting different tunnels and combinations of machines to achieve the correct combination for each customer’s specific requirements. Different pack configurations can be accommodated, the machine can pack different rows of bottles with or without a tray, by simply performing a minor changeover.

An aluminium roller table can be connected with the shrink tunnel on the discharge side, for loading the products after shrinking.

Automatic tray packer shrink wrapper

The machine can be configured as a tray packer and shrink wrapper or simply used as a high speed shrink wrapper.

With a fully enclosed Plexiglas safety doors and profiles used in the doors to comply with CE standards ensuring a safe working environment for the operators.

Mechanical parts are made from stainless steel, chrome steel and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy and other materials. The surface is coating with quality high rust resistance paint.

Bottles are divided by the lane divider, according to the format requirement of the product by means of a belt driven in-feed conveyor operated by a variable frequency motor. The arrangement and quantity of each row of bottles are controlled by the inductor on top of the conveyor belt.

Machine are controlled by a PLC and servo motors with a speed adjustment functionality. No hot melt adhesive and non-carton warning system displays on the touch screen.

The operation of the machine is either by manual mode or a fully automatic operation mode with touch-screen functionality. Production counters display the number of packs produced and cumulative quantity that can be printed by a connected printer. The touch screen is used to enter and modify the parameters for different sized packs, it can also store multiple parameters of different pack size configuration.

The equipment is in accordance with the relevant international standards for safe operation.

Pallet wrapper

The turntable, shaped with forklift insertion cavities, allows for the forklift to lift the stretch wrapped pallet of the machine with ease.

Soft Start / Stop feature.

PLC Controlled.

HOME Position function.

Sensors automatically test the pallet height.

Pallets with a maximum capacity of 1 500kg and a height of 2.4 m to a maximum of 2.6m can be stretch wrapped, making it versatile for small and big pallets.

Wrap around packer – 710 series

TREPKO wrap-around packers are fully automatic machines which group and pack products in cases or trays formed from a flat sheet of corrugated board. The flat sheet, referred to as a ‘blank’, is folded and glued around the pre-arranged products to form the case/tray.

The machine consists of flexible basic modules designed to meet the current customer requirements regarding pack types and sizes and also allows for future additions if and when they are required. The machine design incorporates unique and interchangeable ‘blank’ feeders to allow different case/tray sizes to run on the same machine.

This changeover procedure requires little time with all the different sized change parts easily and quickly accessible. All packing takes place on one level with a maximum output speed of 20 cases per minute. The machine can also be loaded with several ‘blank’ stacks for longer runs without the need for loadi

Tray erecting machine – 720 series

Angular, overlaying blanks magazine designed in aluminum with capacity for approx. 165 pcs. of 3 mm B-flute blanks. A special blanks separator prevents more than one blank being pulled down at once. The magazine is fed at chest height, which can take place during operation.

Gentle handling is enabled since the unit works according to the principle of controlled acceleration/deceleration. The drive unit is equipped with safety clutch connected to the alarm lamp.

An optimum folding sequence with distinct, fixed end positions ensures right-angled packaging. The entire procedure takes place in full view on one level which makes the equipment easily accessible for format changes and maintenance etc. The control cabinet and hot-melt unit are fixed standing on the side of the machine for easy access. Functional guard, complying with current CE regulations is manufactured in stainless steel.

Shrink wrapper – 730 series

Trepko shrink wrappers are fully automatic, robustly constructed machines designed for the shrink wrapping of products with or without trays or alternatively on base boards.

The shrink wrappers are energy efficient and capable of continuous operation in a variety of conditions. Minimal maintenance is required on the machines with all service parts easily and quickly accessible.

The machines are compatible with various types of shrink film and will operate with equal efficiency using low, medium or high density shrink film between 40-80 microns in thickness.

For improved flexibility and efficiency the machines can be equipped with accessories for perforation, film end indication, film loading etc.

Sweep palletiser & gantry robot palletiser – 740 series

Sweep palletiser & gantry robot palletiser

A modular designed palletiser which can be adapted for both semi or fully automatic operation. The loading height can be at high or low level to allow connection to any existing conveyors.

Packs are collated on an infeed conveyor, row by row, before being transferred to the loading plate by a pneumatic pusher.

When a layer is complete, the loading plate seeks the correct level and moves out above the pallet for adjustment to the correct level. Two sweeper arms, one above and one below the loading plate, fix the new layer as well as the previous load, the loading plate then retracts. All movements of the loading table are motor driven.

The palletiser can be equipped with pallet magazine and pallet outfeed conveyors. The machine is easy to fit into an existing factory layout as the pallet magazine, infeed and outfeed conveyors can be placed in several different positions.

Gantry palletiser

The machine can be fitted with different types of lifting tools including vacuum suction cups, grip/clamp and or lifting plates and most products can therefore be handled.

The gantry robot is flexible and can be equipped with automatic pallet handling. In addition to this the machine is easy to fit into an existing factory layout as the pallet magazine and Infeed/Outfeed conveyors can be placed in several different positions.

Conveyor systems – 750 series

TREPKO have developed and produced conveyor systems over a period of several decades. This experience is demonstrated by the TRAD slat belt system which fulfits a wide range of functions in the food, techno-chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Conveyor is suited to light weight product and operates vertically, horizontally or diagonally, with variable speed according to the application. The system is designed for high efficiency and durability, coupled with minimal maintenance, marking it ideal for tough environments, and allows ready accessibility. Conveyor system is supplied in modules, consisting of drive units, straights, curves, elevations, legs and guide rails resulting in a very adaptable system.


Pick & place machines – 760 series

A fully automatic unit suitable for top loading of products into cases, trays or crates. Products that can be lifted with vacuum, magnetic tool or gripper can also be packed.

The machine consists of tooth belt driven linear units for X and Z movements mounted in a stainless steel frame with interlocked guarding. Products and package conveyors with guides included.

The boxes arrive into the Pick and Place Unit from an infeed box conveyor with the short side leading.

They come two trays at a time to a collating point. The products arrive in a single conveyor and are queued until there is the desired amount of containers. The lifting tool, assisted by suction cups, lifts and places the containers into the boxes. The Pick and Place Machine repeats this action until we have the desired pack pattern on two layers.

The system facilitates the packing of fragile products since the packing pattern does not primarily need to be used as a support. Gentle handling is enabled as the unit works according to the principle of controlled acceleration/deceleration. The drive unit is equipped with a safety clutch connected to the alarm lamp.

The entire packing procedure takes place in full view on one level, which makes the equipment easily accessible for format changes and maintenance, etc. The ready box is fed out on a single lane conveyor

Box cartoning machines – 780 series

Trepko 780 series provides packaging solution of single bricks or bar-shaped packages into cartons of retail size. Products are collated into a given pack pattern and moved into preformed carton blank. Correct seal of the packaging is ensured by gluing on the long side of the box.​

The 780 series have a capacity of 60 boxes/min, matching even the highest brick wrapper capacities. A standard Trepko interface guarantees perfect integration with upstream and downstream Trepko equipment. A simple format system enable changeovers in less than 15 minutes and allows the 780 series to cater for a great variety of stick and box patterns. This way you can continuously match all your consumer requirements and the changing retail market trends.


Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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