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Conveyor Machines

Filmatic Packaging Systems offers professional engineering services with regard to turnkey liquid packaging systems.

Base handling conveyors

We offer a wide range of base handling conveyoring systems where the containers are transported on the conveyor on the base of the container. It can either be empty or filled containers.

Our 3 ¼” conveyor systems can handle all types of shapes and dimensions of containers, with straight pieces, bends, drive sections and a range of packing tables to meet most packaging needs.

Our 4 1-2″ conveyor systems cater for large format containers with a wider base and also cater for straight pieces, bends, drive sections and a range of packing tables to meet most packaging needs.

We also offer roller conveyor systems for a wide range of end-of-line applications and automation.

Air conveyors

Airveyor systems are most suited where a vast range of containers are to be run on the same machine, where all the neck diameters of these containers are the same.

These systems can also be automated to run more than one size container neck diameters where changeovers are automated between sizes by utilizing PLC’s and selector buttons to switch from one size to the next.

These systems can be custom designed to fit into new or existing packaging lines and makes provision for inclines, declines, straight pieces, bends and Y-Pieces as need to comprise a turnkey solution. Various options are available for fan speeds which can be automated based on a “recipe” to optimize changeover times and efficiency.

Conveyor systems – 750 series

TREPKO have developed and produced conveyor systems over a period of several decades. This experience is demonstrated by the TRAD slat belt system which fulfits a wide range of functions in the food, technochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Conveyor is suited to light weight product and operates vertically, horizontally or diagonally, with variable speed according to the application. The system is designed for high efficiency and durability, coupled with minimal maintenance, marking it ideal for tough environments, and allows ready accessability. Conveyor system is supplied in modules, consisting of drive units, straights, curves, elevations, legs and guide rails resulting in a very adaptable system.

Some typical conveyor system layouts


Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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