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Filmatic Packaging Systems

About us, our values, mission & vision

We help shape the future of the packaging & filling industry with innovative & cutting edge machines


Since our inception in 1979, our manufacturing facility has been located in Paarl, the middle of the Western Cape winelands district of South Africa. Filmatic is also part of the Trepko Group of companies.

As one of South Africa’s top packaging systems design and manufacturing companies, Filmatic supplies packaging equipment solutions that can accommodate packaging of all types of glass and plastic bottles, sachets, tubs, cups and literally most conceivable containers and closures. We provide our services to the dairy, cream, water, beer, fruit juice, jam, honey, shampoo, dish washing liquid, ketchup, vinegar, motor oil, edible oil, wine and cider production industries to name but a few.

Combining our own manufacturing of engineered designs through a team of highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers and the equipment sourced from approved agencies around the world, we are able to provide the complete solution in packaging needs, including all operational aspects of a turnkey packaging line, which is supported by our 24-hour service stand-by commitment through highly skilled technicians and maintenance teams that provide comprehensive services to our clients worldwide.

Our Values – what makes us great!

​With the filler as the heart of the production line, all the upstream and downstream equipment is selected and engineered to keep the heart of the filling line beating. To this end, we at Filmatic remain invested in our Industry through our people and our equipment, to strive for innovative solutions and improvement in packaging technology, not forgetting to deliver on cost effective solutions to our customers.

Integrity & Determination
Product & Service Excellence
Respect & Professionalism

Leaders in Packaging & filling  machines

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Leading as a Prefered Partner in Packaging & Processing Solutions. Filmatic’s purpose-Creating a sustainable future.


Filmatic provides customers with appropriate  and cost effective liquid packaging solutions for the sustainable benefit of all stakeholders. We will delight our customers with service that exceeds their expectations. Filmatic will continuously explore and apply cutting edge technologies for high potential markets this will be achieved in an environment where mutual respect, trust and integrity are nurtured and encouraged.

Filmatic will continuously train, develop and empower it’s employees in a caring work environment.

We will do this  with a sense of urgency and discipline, taking ownership and accepting responsibility for our actions.



Filmatic has a rich history of 43 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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