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Forming, Filling & Sealing Machines

Forming, Filling & Sealing Machines for Mini Portions


Sizes: 10g / 15g / 25g

Trepko’s 9000 series offers a Forming, Filling and Sealing Solution for 10g / 15g / 25g portion margarine, butter, jam, pastes and other such spreadable condiments.

There are two machine options available within this Series. A three lane and a six lane which due to the rigid and proven mechanical design, are capable of up to 33 cycles per minute, with an output range of 5,000-12,000 packs per hour. 

The machines are equipped with a HMI touch screen interface from which all functions and settings of the machine can be managed. Using highly developed control software this control system offers a first-class user friendly system, and allows all settings to be adjusted from the panel including control of speed, strokes/min, production, CIP on-off, sealing time and temperature and on-off of different stations.

As with the entire range of Trepko machines, the 9000 series is CE-marked and is built in accordance with all applicable European safety standards

Forming, Filling & Sealing Machine

Trepko’s 9100 series offers a competitive Forming, Filling and Sealing solution for liquid, semi-liquid and pasty food products. The machines have been designed to meet customer demand, whereby the series offer a Flexible, compact, hygienic, economical and easy-to-use system.

The machines achieves outputs from 3.000 up to 50.000 cups/hour, while at the same time keeping the floor space requirements at an absolute minimum. This makes the machines of the 9100 series the most compact solution on the market.

The 9100 Series enable full flexibility, and meet the most demanding requirements of the marketing department. A complex sequential cutting tool allows for immediate changeover between any cluster-pattern by a simple touch of a button. Furthermore product complexity and easy product change is enabled by wheel-in-wheel-out filling stations. The standard version is prepared for having 4 filling stations connected at the same time, thereby enabling the filling of up to 4 different flavors in each cluster-pack.

Gravity fed, level filling solutions

This filling system is the most widely used on Filmatic’s rotary fillers.  Containers are filled up to a preset filling level.  The level is set with the use of removable spacers.  The valves are highly suitable for single strength products such as water and juice, and handle foaming products such as milk with ease.  Recent developments on the level filling valves include a redesigned bellow that can be CIP’d without the need for disassembling the valve.  

Vacuum assisted, level filling solutions

This filling system is most often used for slightly viscous products such as edible oil.  A low level of vacuum is generated in the unfilled container, assisting the product to be sucked into the container.  This solution is limited to the used of rigid circular containers. 

Piston fillers

For more viscous products, and products with a solid content, the piston filler is a very viable filling system.  Pistons filling machines are volumetric filling systems, meaning that a set volume is discharged into the container during every cycle. 

Weigh fillers

Arguable the most accurate filling solution available.  This is also the most technologically advanced filling solution and as such the most expensive.  This system is often selected where high value product is filled.  Filmatic recently developed a weight filling system specifically aimed at filling foaming product such as milk at a production rate that compares favourably with the production rate of level filling solutions.  The newly developed system makes use of a pressurised supply system and a continually variable flowrate filling valve to achieve high production capacity with low foam generation.

Time filling

On the most basic Filmatic filler, time filling is used, where a valve is opened for a preset time.  This filling system is very accurate if the product is homogenous and consistent.  It is a lower cost solution but with a definite place in the entry level markets.


Filmatic has a rich history of 40 years supplying turnkey bottling equipment to a wide range of liquid consumer markets.



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