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The recent installation of a 12 head jam filling machine and a 6 head capper in Norway’s Rora factory by Filmatic Packaging Systems has been met with enormous success.

The team, consisting of an electrician, machine builder and electrical design engineer, completed the two-week installation with skill, competence and efficiency, resulting in another happy client with positive feedback.

The installation boasts the ability to fill 180 containers of jam per minute, accommodating four different product sizes including 330ml PET, 370ml round glass, 470ml round glass and 720ml round glass. The Trepko machine, a world-renowned filling and packaging equipment solution, was used to ensure high-quality performance and accuracy.

The installation marks a significant milestone for the Rora factory, allowing for greater production capabilities and ultimately boosting their reputation in the industry. The Filmatic team’s expertise and dedication have proven crucial in ensuring a seamless transition and successful installation.

With the demand for jam products on the rise, the Rora factory has found a reliable and efficient solution in Filmatic’s cutting-edge equipment. This installation is a testament of innovative packaging and filling solutions, ultimately driving the Packaging Equipment industry forward.

In conclusion, the Filmatic installation in Norway’s Rora factory has set the stage for a promising future in the jam production industry. With its unparalleled capabilities and impressive performance, the installation is a shining example of the power of quality equipment and skilled expertise.