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 Selected where high value products are filled.

We make use of a pressurized supply system and a continually variable flow rate filling valve to achieve precision and high speed production capacity with low foam generation during filling. By utilizing star-wheels for transfer of the bottle between the different modular equipment, connected on the standard filler drive system that is driven by one drive, we thus eliminate additional drive components. Utilizing the same star wheel system, it also enables us to run more than one bottle size on the machine, effectively eliminating long changeover times due to the simplicity of the design.

With the newly designed filling valve the nett-weigh filler enable the clients to achieve a very precise filling weight, with 1 g accuracy, making it more cost effective by minimizing product waste.

The machine is equipped with a highly effective closed loop CIP system, cleaning the machine under immense pressure making sure that all product contact components are thoroughly cleaned.


Customers Benefit From:


  • Quick release change parts
  • Smooth infeed of containers
  • Versatile container handling
  • No container no fill functionality minimizes product wastage
  • Easy operation of filler from base mounted control panels
  • Variable speed control
  • Interactive touch screen on control panel to ensure production friendly operation