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The wine sector is characterized by a continuous search for something that makes the product as attractive as possible. The first choice of wine is often made with the eyes…


The versatility of the labellers and the changeover time have become increasingly necessary.


Filmatic, sole agents for Z-Italia, offers a complete range of adhesive labelling machines for the application of up to 6 adhesive labels, both in paper and transparent, with a production time of 3,000 to 20,000 bph.

The labelling quality is ensured by the particular label distribution system. The motorized roller acts with the “Pull & Push” method, ensuring maximum control in the application of the label on the bottle.


The bottle holders of the Z-Italia labelers are motorized with stepper motors ensuring maximum versatility in all types of bottles and labels. The universal infeed screw and adjustable entry / exit stars wheels reduce format change times and reduce format change costs at the same time.


The structure of the Z-Italia labellers is ergonomic and allows the operator to easily access all parts of the labeller, both for format change operations and for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.